Free SMS User Guide 2013

1. Getting Started - Registration
2. How to Edit a number to try a test send straight away
3. How to Add New Members using the Edit Page
4. How to Change Group Names, Delete Groups, Add New Groups
5. Sending Messages to Individuals
6. Sending Messages to Groups
7. Using the History Page
8. Creating Templates
9. Using the SMS Reply service

Registration & Members Activation has been designed to enable you to get set up as quickly and easily as possible, by following the instructions in this simple guide. If you have the names, groups and mobile contact number on a spread sheet already then you can copy and paste from this spread sheet directly into the edit page.

You must obtain consent from your members to receive your messages. You can send out a Registration Form, inform them at a meeting, or if you wish you can have an invitation SMS sent to them to ask them to opt in for your messages.

Editing A Number

Click on the third button on the top menu to go to the 'Edit' Page. To send yourself a message, change the sample number to your own number and click Submit.

When you change the number click on the Submit button to update.
A White Box report will display at the bottom of the page to confirm the number has been changed.

Send to Individuals
Click on the Second button on the top menu 'Individual(s)' .Select a group from the 'Select Group' drop down menu to view individual members in that group. Highlight the member(s) and click add at the bottom of the box. The names appear then in the 'Send text to' box. You can then select a different group to view and add members to the 'Send to' list from that group. When your list is complete, write your message and click send. A white box report will appear below itemizing the send. To view your sent message, click on 'History' the Fourth link in the top menu .
The History Page automatically shows all messages that were sent today. Date ranges can be selected by clicking on a date on the calendar on the left, then selecting an ending date on the calendar on the right, then click display. The display can be sorted by message / date / etc by clicking on the heading on each column, making it easy to see at a glance all messages sent to a particular individual, or any messages that have not been delivered or that are still awaiting delivery etc. Messages that are confirmed delivered are in Green, Awaiting in White, and any messages that have failed are shown in orange.  Failed means the number is not correctly formatted, or the number is no longer valid.

You can sort these Messages by Delivery Report Status by Clicking on the top of the Column the words Delivery Report. You can also sort by Members Name, Message Sent, Sent Date etc.

To Select a range to view click on the left calendar the start date and select on the right calendar the end date, then click Display.
The failed one above is because the number is non existent. After a few seconds all messages have a status:
Send to Groups
Simply tick the groups required to receive messages, write your message, and click send.
Add New Member
You can add members one at a time using the Add Contact button.
Edit Groups
On the Advanced Edit Page (linked on the Edit Page) in the first pair of boxs you can enter the name of the current group and the name that you want to change that group into. The second enables you to add a new group. The third is for deleting Groups.
Using Reply SMS Service
When you are sending any message you can tick the Reply box and the receiver will be able to send an SMS to your school.

This message arrives in the History page and is also forwarded free of charge, to the email address provided at registration.

Only members whos mobile number is on your system can send an SMS to you (Which arrives into the email and the History Page).

Members Pay Standard Network Rates to send an SMS.


Creating Templates

To create a new Template Name the new template, write the content, and click Add. Similarly you can edit existing templates.